Half Hour Call

tune-up; to relax and renew energy.

incorporates stretching and body

mobilization while laying on the

table fully clothed.



chair massage; focus on relaxation

and renewed energy.

Movement Call

Sports massage using body mobilization

and stretching to enhance performance.

Artists find that this massage

promotes flexibility and endurance,

relieves fatigue and helps prevent

injuries. Includes ice or heat therapies.

Fight Call

Deep tissue massage focusing on

the deepest layers of muscle tissue

to assist rehabilitation from injury,

Releases chronic muscle tension and

reduces inflammation.

Post Show Drink

relaxation massage perfect for

increasing circulation, improving

flexibility and decreasing muscle toxins.

always followed with a cool drink of


Theatre for Young Audiences

Pre and post natal massage is a

wonderful gift for momma.

The pregnant and the post natal body

can greatly benefit from massage.

Happy momma, happy baby.

Certified since 2010